Monday 25 September 2017

Reports from September 1945

The following reports are taken from the Irish Independent between September 20th and 25th, 1945:

William Joyce — Lord Haw-Haw of German Radio — was found guilty of treason at the Old Bailey, London, and sentenced to death. Joyce showed no signs of emotion, bowed to the judge, smiled to his brother Quentin, and raised his right hand in what appeared to be a fascist salute.

Two Irish children, Michael Shannon, six, and Oliver Shannon, eight, brothers, who were recently released from a Japanese internment camp in the Philippines, were on the liner Queen Mary when she docked at Southampton from New York. Their parents were also captured by the Japanese, but no trace has yet been found of them. The boys are coming to Dublin to stay with their grandmother who lives in Blackrock.

A crowd of 67,329 thronged Croke Park to watch Cork win the All-Ireland Football Final from Cavan in a thrilling and hard-fought game. When the Last whistle sounded, Cork had 2 goals and 5 points against Cavan's 7 points. Cork supporters surged across the pitch and carried the winning team shoulder-high around the field.

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