Monday 9 June 2014


Frank Dempster Sherman

At evening when I go to bed
I see the stars shine overhead;
They are the little daisies white
That dot the meadows of the night.

And often when I'm dreaming so,
Across the sky the moon will go!
It is a lady sweet and fair,
Who comes to gather daisies there;

For when at morning I arise,
There's not a star left in the skies;
She's picked them all and dropped them down
Into the meadows of the town.

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Sad Defeat for Tipp Hurlers

Munster SHC Semi-Final:

Limerick 2-18; Tipperary 2-16

This game, played at Semple Stadium, Thurles on Sunday last, proved to be a great disappointment for Tipperary GAA followers. Tipperary's display in the recent National League final gave hope for a good run in the championship. However, they could not cope with Limerick's spirit, desire-to-win, "bottling"-type tackling allied to to an effective level of hurling skill. To counteract this Limerick performance, the Tipperary player in possession should have had much better back-up for a 'lay off' than was happening. When hemmed in while in possession, it is better to drop the ball to the ground and to try and work it out with the boot rather than conceding a free or giving away possession with a poor attempt at passing.

The forward line was very disjointed, especially towards the end of the game. Forwards were shooting wide or into the goalie's hand when under a certain amount of pressure. Near the end of the game, when every point was vital, we had, on a number of occasions, a single Tipperary forward, without support, tussling for the ball against three defenders, 30 or 40 yards from the Limerick goal.