Monday 8 September 2014

Heart-stopping Game

All-Ireland SHC Final:

Tipperary 1-28; Kilkenny 3-22

My experience of yesterday's All-Ireland final, played at Croke Park, was of much stress, great joy at times and then anxiety; so much that I could not watch the second-half live — I had to record it. I then had the pressure of seeing the end of the game live and experiencing great relief at the final whistle.

The players showed unbelievable endurance for amateurs. The game had a high level of skillful point scoring among other great qualities.

Tipperary will win the replay if the backs show more cuteness and craft; when more than one player goes to an opponent in possession, they should make sure he is not allowed to make a long pass to an unmarked colleague who has all the time in the world to put the ball over the bar or to a well placed inside forward. When attempting to block an opponent's effort to strike the ball, a player should concentrate on blocking the ball rather than the other player's hurley.

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