Saturday 28 December 2013

Short but Sweet

Galway can claim the distinction of conducting the shortest hurling league campaign on record...which lasted only eight days. This was in the 1946-47 season which was disrupted by the exceptionally bad weather, although it wasn't the weather that was responsible for Galway's brief campaign, but the fact that by the time Galway were ready to play their third round match, Limerick had won out the group and had qualified for the final.

Galway's "campaign" had started at Loughrea on November 3 when they lost to Limerick by a wide margin. One week later they took on the holders Clare at Ennis and created a big surprise by winning on a 3-4 to 1-3 scoreline. That provided ample revenge for the defeat suffered at the hands of the same Clare team seven months previously in the 1946 semi-final. But that was the extent of the Westerners' satisfaction as Limerick's progress made any further activity pointless. However, it certainly can be said that Galway's 1946-47 campaign was short...and sweet.

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