Sunday 13 January 2013

Lowering the Bar of Irish Society

Societal Ireland is continuing to drift further into the mire. Certain elements—and they are increasing in number—are so perverted and blind as to be devoid of any remnants of humanity and are being facilitated by prominent sections of the media who find it most profitable to be the public voice of the corner-boy cut-throats.

There were many examples of what I am on about at the Joint Oireachtas Hearings on abortion which took place during the past week. I will mention the comments of two contributors which I happened to see in the press. When people who represented the-right-to-life of the unborn were making submissions, they were described as being 'anti-woman' and being guilty of 'misogyny' by one female member of the Oireachtas. Another heavily-pregnant lady made the cold remark that 'what is inside me is a foetus, not a baby'.

The pro-abortion agenda is being driven by an interpretation of Article 40.3.3 of the Irish Constitution made by The Supreme Court in 1992 to the effect that the probability of a pregnant woman being suicidal was a legal basis for an abortion to be carried out. The judgement is so flawed that it defies all logic.

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