Friday 28 December 2012

Window on 1936: Spain

The following report appeared in the Clonmel Nationalist on September 19th 1936:
Cashel Council adopts Clonmel resolution
Suggestions to Prohibit Communist Meetings and Publications 
When the Clonmel Corporation resolution, protesting against the barbaric atrocities being perpetrated in Spain against Christians and Catholics, and pledged support to any movement which may be established to safeguard the interests of the Catholics in Spain, came before Cashel Urban Council at their meeting on Tuesday night, the resolution was unanimously adopted, on the motion of the chairman, Francis Phillips, seconded by Mr. Price. 
Mr. Price said the Council should not only adopt the Clonmel resolution, protesting against the barbarities of the communists in Spain but, he thought, the Council should pass a resolution asking the Government of the Free State to prohibit any communists meetings in the country. They should go further, and request the Government to prohibit all communist literature and publications.

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  1. Thank you for shining the spotlight on this aspect of the Spanish Civil War which is often lost in a litany of fascist insults. Before anyone can make a judgement about the past, they must free their minds of all preconceptions and immerse themselves "in the moment". These are chicken-and-egg situations but the communist menace was the key driving force both in Spain and Nazi Germany. This cannot be clouded over by the fact that fascist regimes eventually emerged from the conflict. It is all too easy to be wise after the event.