Monday 2 July 2012

Meath Derail Kildare

Leinster SFC Semi-Final:

Meath 1-17; Kildare 1-11

Some great football in this game. It showed what a great game Gaelic football can be when the ball is moved forward all the time—cut the lateral and back passing. Some great fielding and long kicking in this game. Meath bring something special to the game when they are at, or near, their best. Following some of their displays in recent times it shows what can be done with proper motivation when the ability is there as it is in most other counties. I was sorry for Kildare, though. They have produced fine players over a long number of years without getting the rewards they deserve. They tried the long ball yesterday. It would have worked for them if the target man had proper support—there did not appear to be any plan in that regard. Playing Johnny Doyle around the middle of the field was a waste. Meath had two great fielders there who were very tall. Doyle would have been much better employed near the opponents goal. Kildare will still be there for the shake up. With a little more fine-tuning, Meath will put it up to Dublin.

All-Ireland SFC Qualifiers:

Tipperary 1-12; Offaly 0-10

Well done to Tipperary on their win against Offaly—a tough one coming up against Wexford, but they can do it with plenty of the Meath-like motivation

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