Monday 9 July 2012

Galway Shock Mighty Cats

Leinster SHC Final:

Galway 2-21; Kilkenny 2-11

Galway's achievement has given a badly needed boost to hurling. It was achieved with strong motivation, undoubted skill and a determination often lacking in the past. A combination of these factors knocked Kilkenny out of their stride in the first half. In that situation the underdog will achieve things that would not come easy on other occasions. Kilkenny showed how lethal they still are by outscoring Galway in the second half. The Galway forwards contributed to this by adopting a more defensive role—understandable in the circumstances, I suppose—but it made their attack very disjointed. Great to see Joe Canning back to his best. He exudes class in everything he does since his minor days. He is a fine role model for the youth of the country when it is so badly needed as certain elements try their worst to drive society further into the mire.

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