Monday 20 November 2017

Protection of Householders

Independent Roscommon-South Leitrim TD, Michael Fitzmaurice, has issued the following statement:
In light of the spate of robberies and elderly people being fearful in their own homes, I've asked the Minister would he consent that people over 60 years of age, in liaison with their local Gardai, be given the opportunity to have pepper spray, or laser guns in their own bed rooms, which may alleviate their worries and may help to prevent them being injured or hurt.
I fully support Mr. Fitzmaurice's proposal.

Very many vulnerable citizens presently have shot-guns at the ready for their protection. Anyone who enters a person's home by force, or otherwise, for the purpose of carrying out a criminal act should be met with all the force necessary to protect life and property. The application of the niceties of criminal law procedures is ineffective when dealing with drug-fuelled, or otherwise depraved, thugs.

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