Monday 19 September 2016

Mayo's Long Wait Goes On

All-Ireland SFC Final:

Dublin 2-09; Mayo 0-15

Mayo's 65-year wait for the return of 'Sam' has to be put in abeyance until Saturday, October 1st, when yesterday's drawn All-Ireland Senior Football final will be replayed at Croke Park.

In yesterday's game, Mayo were unfortunate to concede two goals that were deflected into the net by their own players. The first came after eight-and-a-half minutes as the ball rolled loose after Mayo goalkeeper, David Clarke, made a fine save. Dublin corner-forward, Bernard Brogan, drew on the ball with his left foot only to see it going wide. Unfortunately for Mayo, it struck the leg of their back-man, Kevin McLoughlin, and rolled into the corner of the net. In the 22nd minute, as Mayo centre-back Colm Boyle turned towards his own goal, he had the misfortune to strike the emerging ball with his foot and put it past his own keeper.

Mayo deserve great credit for recovering from these set backs. The wet conditions yesterday made the modern-day Croke Park very slippery — especially near the side-lines. The replay will be decided in favour of the team with the most "hunger" on the day.

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