Thursday 7 April 2016

Formation of Government

The present impasse in the forming of a government is almost totally as a result of electors voting for 'Independents' in such large numbers. The reasons why people vote for Independents varies — some because they think it will benefit their own locality if that independent is in a bargaining position to lever something from those hoping to form a government  — the 'Healy-Rae syndrone'; some more because of a personal attachment to a particular candidate; while others do it to be anti-establishment.

There cannot be a stable government when a large number of Independents are elected, all with personal agendas. Independent T.D.'s interest in government formation goes no further than what is best for them personally. They oppose everything that is unpopular, even if such a measure is best for society as a whole. They bleat the populace rant knowing that they are never going to bear the responsibility for their actions. The people who vote for them are complicit in this masquerade.

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