Saturday 8 November 2014

History Revisited? No Thanks!

Nearly 100 years ago the Bolsheviks came to power in Petrograd, Russia during the October revolution of 1917. They proclaimed the Bolshevik-controlled Soviets as the actual government of Russia. They had ousted the provisional government which was in place since the overthrow and murder of Tzar Nicholas II and his family in the February Revolution of 1917.

The Bolsheviks set up "The Russian Communist Party". The people they disliked, for one reason or another — or for no reason at all — were accommodated in mass graves, gulags and, except for certain privileged groups, were denied human and civil rights. These actions would resonate with those of the provo gangs in areas that they control on this island.

At the end of World War II, the United States and United Kingdom, having saved Russia from the Nazis, proceeded in a cowardly fashion to allow them to annex most of Eastern Europe and impose communist tyranny on those countries until the nineties. This was in line with what Stalin envisaged when his foreign secretary, Molotov, signed an "unbelligerent treaty" with the Nazi foreign minister, von Ribbentrop, in 1938.

The Irish terrorists, whose evil deeds surpassed those of the Bolsheviks prior to coming to power, are hoping to get into government after the next General Election with the support of Bolsheviks lackeys in this country. One has visions of Ireland being the new North Korea. I believe that there is still sufficient decency and intelligence left in the Irish people to prevent this from happening. But be afraid, be very afraid!

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