Thursday 10 October 2013

Ode to Christy Ring

The following is taken from Gaelic Sport magazine published in September 1984. It was written to Jack Mahon, editor of Junior Desk, from Charles Heywood, 1 Blagdon Place, Bath, Avon, England.
Christy Ring—God rest him!
A legend of our time,
On the Gaelic fields of Erin
Bestowed his skills sublime... 
Unrivalled with the camán,
Unchallenged for the crown
He nobly won as champion
In battles of renown... 
From the 30's to the 60's
He paved his way to fame,
His camán twinkling like the stars
In the forefront of each game... 
Like Cuchulainn, and the Red Branch Knights,
He vanquished friend and foe
In the art of hurling on the green
Fair land where shamrocks grow... 
A tribute to our hero—
The pride of Cloyne and Cork,
The maestro of Glen Rovers,
And the idol of New York... 
May the crossed-camáns and sliothar
The emblem of "Our Boys",
Forever with the Green Flag wave
'Neath sunlit Irish skies.
Iconic photo of two hurling greats: Mick Mackey and Christy Ring

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