Thursday 15 August 2013

A Hurler's Prayer

The following are some of the things that Clare manager, Davy Fitzgerald, might say to his players during next Sunday's All-Ireland senior hurling semi-final between Clare and Limerick at Croke Park:

Grant me, O Lord, a hurler's skill,
With strength of arm and speed of limb,
Unerring eye for the flying ball
And courage to match them what'er befall.
May my aim be steady, my stroke be true,
My actions manly, my misses few;
And no matter what way the game may go,
May I rest in friendship with every foe.
When the final whistle for me is blown,
And I stand at last at God's judgement throne,
May the Great Referee when He calls my name,
Say "you hurled like a man, you played the game".

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