Saturday 16 February 2013

Window on 1934: Cashel Council

The following report issued on July 14th 1934:                                  
Cashel Council—Fine Gael Chairman Elected 
At the first meeting of Cashel Urban Council, Mr. C. O'Connor (F.G.) was elected Chairman by 10 votes to 8 for Mr. F. Phillips (F.F.). Mr. T. Doherty (Independent) proposed Mr. C. O'Connor for the position. Mr. T. Dunne seconded. 
A poll was taken with the following result: 
For Mr. O'Connor: Messrs P. Devitt (N.W.), J. Eakins, J. Ryan, P. Purcell, R. Price, T. O'Connor (S.W.), T. O'Connor (East), T. Doherty, and chairman (10). 
For Mr.Phillips: Messrs J. Feehan, F.Phillips, P.Phillips, M.J. Davern, Mrs. Mary Davern, T. Dunne. M.F. Maher (7). 
The Town Clerk had just announced the figures, 10 for O'Connor and 7 for Phillips, when P. Casey (F.F.) arrived. 
Chairman to Mr.Casey—The vote has been taken and your name was called and you were marked absent. In the circumstances I don't think I would be right in ruling against admitting you to vote now. I think that Mr.Casey is entitled to vote. I will ask Mr.Barry's (solr.) opinion. Mr.Barry said I think you can take him. Mr.Casey then gave his vote in support of Mr.Phillips. 
The result was then declared—Mr.O.Connor: 10, Mr.Phillips: 8 
The voting followed political lines. Nine F.G. members voted for Mr O'Connor with the addition of Mr. Doherty (Independent). For Mr. Phillips (F.F.), the voting was five Fianna Fáil members, two Labour Councillors (Messrs Dunne and P. Phillips) and one independent (Mr. M.F. Maher).

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