Monday 5 November 2012

Congrats to Clonmel Commercials

County Tipperary SFC Final:

Clonmel Commercials 1-9; Thomas McDonagh’s 0-5

It was very good for Tipperary football that Clonmel Commercials won the Tipperary senior football championship at Semple Stadium yesterday. Since their foundation in the 30's they have always striven to promote Gaelic football in Tipperary. Their opponents yesterday never have—nor have expressed no intention of doing so in future—promoted gaelic football in their clubs. The seven or more clubs that supplied players to yesterday's team would contain members and players who would have a positive attitude to the promotion of the game in the county, but they have been so outnumbered that noting positive ever happens. I am writing this with memories going back more than 60 years. The Commercials have a lot of good young players at the moment and if they can keep most of them involved, they have a bright future which would be very good for Tipperary football

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