Monday 27 August 2012

Donegal Directness Pays Dividends

All-Ireland SFC Semi-Final:

Donegal 0-16; Cork 1-11

For a good number of years, Cork have had the best panel of gaelic footballers in the country. But they fail to achieve their potential. The problem is that when they get within 40 yards of their opponents goal, they engage in a "basket-ball style" ritual of circular passing. This enables the opposition to gather their forces to defend the goal, getting closer to the man in possession all the time. He is then forced to make a hurried pass which is most times lost; or a hurried kick, mostly wide or into the goalie's hands. The attitude should be to get the ball forward as fast as possible. Two players should support the player in possession with the others moving into space to take a pass, where appropriate, or to draw the backs. This action, when done swiftly, will put the defenders under pressure and enable the attacker to get closer to the goal and give him more space to have a shot.

Well done to Donegal. They played some very good stuff. However, if Mayo get to the final, my heart will be with them. It would bring back pleasant childhood memories. In my mind, I will hear again the great voice of Micheal O Heithir intoning the names Sean Wynne, John Forde and Sean Flanagan; and others like Dixon, Mongey, Carney, Mick Flanagan, Solan, Langan and the Mulderrigs. Sorry I omitted the great Paddy Prendergast from the full back position, which I have now rectified.

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