Wednesday 30 May 2012

Life As I See It Today

Attitudes in this country are driven in a significant way by the prevalence of inferiority complex—which is fairly rampant in various degrees among the populace. Ireland is not the only country where this situation prevails. It is a frame of mind that causes vindictiveness, anger and jealousy and the problems that they create.

The communist concept was driven by hatred of individual success. The bourgeois were portrayed as the enemy; the gullible were brainwashed with ideas that if this enemy were destroyed their lives would blossom—nothing could be further from the truth.

Attitudes should focus on uplifting society as whole both economically and socially. This situation would not please the sinister forces in society from the misery of others and would not want their support base eroded. They produce spurious arguments, and twist the facts in an effort to make them themselves relevant. They present criminality as being caused by the existence of deprived areas where in fact the deprivation is caused by the scurrilous destruction carried out by those criminals, having been fed a diet of victimhood by those so-called socialists and terrorists. The real sufferers are the decent people who live nearby and have to suffer an endurable situation in silence through fear. They don't count in the vile world of the communist and terrorist.

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